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MiKashBoks, a commitment savings device that allows farmers to save via mobile money to purchase crop inputs, has partnered with the two leading mobile network operators in Sierra Leone, Africell and Orange, to offer its services to farmers across the country.

Our aim is to create MiKashBoks as a network agnostic platform that is easily accessible to small holder farmers across the country. At the same time, we also envision to create a platform that can strengthen the liquidity of the mobile money ecosystem in the country. A major reason for the low adoption of mobile money in Sierra Leone is the absence of relevant services that can be consumed via people’s mobile money wallets. As a result, most people cash out of the ecosystem as soon as they receive a transaction in their mobile money wallets. Via MiKashBoks, we want to create awareness amongst the farming population in Sierra Leone to view and use their mobile money wallets as savings instruments. This way, we want to move people away from relying on cash as the only form of savings, and to inculcate a savings culture amongst small-holder farmers to make them financially independent.

MiKashBoks would be integrated with the mobile money ecosystems of both Africell and Orange, and would truly be a game changer in the evolution of the digital financial service landscape in the country. We also hope that this would usher into an era of more cross-platform mobile money services that are easily accessible to the end users, irrespective of the mobile network operator they use.