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Experience MiKashBoks: Simplify and Secure your Osusu Savings Journey

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Experience MiKashBoks: Simplify and Secure your Osusu Savings Journey

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MiKashBoks: Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I trust MiKashBoks with my money?

MiKashBoks is designed to be secure and reliable. We adhere to all financial regulations and standards to ensure your money is safe. We are licensed and regulated by the Bank of Sierra Leone similar to other commercial banks. We have state-of-the-art encryption in place and the latest security technologies to ensure your money and data are safe.

Q. Where is my money stored?

Your money is safely stored in a secure bank account with our partner bank. You can access your funds through the app anytime based on your group rules. MiKashBoks employees do not at any time have access to your funds.

Q. Can I earn a commission as an Osusu admin?

Yes, Osusu admins can earn a commission. You set what your admin commission should be when you create a group and each time a member gets a full payout, we accrue the admin fees on your behalf. This admin fee is then paid out in full to you when the cycle ends.

Q. Is MiKashBoks only available on Android? How can I use MiKashBoks if I don't have a smartphone or only have an iPhone?

MiKashBoks also operates via the USSD code *352# on both Africell and Orange. You need an app to be an Osusu admin, however, to join and participate as a member, all you need is to dial *352#. We still encourage you to use our Android app.

Q. Do I need an Africell or Orange phone number to use MiKashBoks?

No, you can use MiKashBoks with any active phone number, not just Africell or Orange. However, you need to have Afrimoney or Orange Money accounts to make group contributions and receive payouts from your group.

Q. What if the Osusu leader takes off with my money?

With MiKashBoks, your money is stored securely in your personal account held with our partner bank. The Osusu leader doesn’t have access to your funds.

Q. What happens if I leave the savings group early?

If you decide to leave a savings group early, it’s important to follow the group’s established guidelines. Remember, if you haven’t received a payout, early departure may mean you might not get your money back. If you have received a payout, you can not leave until the cycle ends.

Q. What happens if another member stops making a payout?

Firstly, it is important that you only join groups with others you trust, who you know won’t abandon their responsibility to the group. If another member leaves, it might affect the remaining payouts (i.e. they will be less). However, we also put measures in place to ensure that members who leave are harshly penalized, which include:

  • Seizing other payouts they may receive from other groups they belong to settle you.
  • Having their reputation score on the platform badly affected.
  • Reporting them to the Bank of Sierra Leone Credit Bureau.
  • Banning them from MiKashBoks.

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